Sunday, October 14, 2012


I have been working and working , getting all the pieces for the display at Abilmente Fieri in Vicenza in Italy quilted and satin stitched. I had hoped to do more, but life intervened and in the end I was pleased with what I did finish.One wall will be poppies.

I did stitch up another 3 Sentinelle panels made with transfer paint and polyester non-woven CS500- so some more sentinelles wining to another part of the world. They are for sale for $100AUS each

I will surely be sleeping on that plane tonight as I am exhausted. had to mow the lawn ( last time I didn't and I came home to a jungle) and do various other things- there's always more to do at the last minute than you think.I also travel with some anxiety as my father will be operated on 22 October-so I hope it all goes well.

Just to remind you of the workshops I am teaching in various parts of Europe:

29 October ;Gypsy Blanket at Au Fil dEmma in Orleans
2 November Applique Poppies/Cocqueclicot at Best of Quilting Marcoussis
3 November Gypsy Blanket at Best of Quilting Marcoussis
7 November Tifaifai at Best of Quilting Marcoussis
9/10 November Form and Variation ( or free machine Applique or Tifaifai) at kalmthout Belgium
14 November Creating your own Linocut and Printing at DIY Textile School Amsterdam

If you are interested in the class in Belgium contact me direct but for all the other classes contact the links I have given you.

Also there is still a chance to book into the linocutting on-line class and create  your own stamps to print on fabric or paper. The cost is $60AUS  and will run over a period of 6 weeks with lessons delivered fortnightly.Simply email me!


Sally Westcott said...

Safe Travells Dijanne!

ann vanherle said...

Tot in Kalmthout. Voor vrijdag zijn we nu met 4.

Donna said...

I can't believe you are coming to Orleans, that's where I live!! Unfortunately I think I'll be in Alsace that weekend. I'm sad to miss your stop in town, but I love your work and I'm happy for my fellow stitchers that they can take a workshop with you. :)

Custom Lapel Pins said...

It's looking wonderful. nice styling.

Annette said...

Safe trip Dijanne, thoughts are with you and your dad..

Alaric Caleb said...

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