Monday, April 23, 2012

From France

It's hard to believe we have already been here for 10 days.... it's been a hectic time, seen lots of things and enjoyed many museums and French food and lots of walking.Despite the weather- very cold and wet, we have managed to enjoy some of the wonderful things that can only be experienced in France. So here is some of it in photos for you...
Only in France could a little dog wait with such excitement in a cheese shop for his master to emerge!

 Wall stencil near Rue de Mouffetard- this stencil is quite sophisticated and who is taking photos of whom?
 Chandelier in Fontainbleu- how amazing and really quite beautiful.
And yes the Louvre today- and yes hundred of tourists in the Renaissance  rooms to see La Giaconda- and yet, Botticelli frescos rushed past- how gorgeous is this and how lucky to be in the presence of such brilliance, I don't know but I like to think of it as a little magic!


bois-fleurie said...

So glad its all proving a joy. I have lived here for a long time and visited many of the same places time and time again. It is a wonderplace to live inspite of the weather!!!

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