Saturday, March 03, 2012

Need to Kickstart Inspiration!

The change in the weather from too hot to be funny to cold and wet has me lolling in the doldrums a bit- plus I am supposed to be doing market research fro my Business Plan- and that is dreary. I did devise a questionnaire for the tour guiding part- though I should have framed the questions slightly differently- you can complete the survey here if you are so inclined. Any responses would be much appreciated.

This business plan thing has me thinking about my arts practice/business and how I can balance making art with the need to also make bread and butter product so that i can somehow survive.I understand it is never easy to make a living from art  but it does seem as if it is  much harder at the moment than it ever was- certainly  much harder than in the previous 17 years that i have been doing what i do and yet when you look at art auction prices you could be thinking the art market is healthy- there have certainly been some record prices for the art of dead artists.Grants seem to all be geared towards conceptual art- but most people do not engage with conceptual art- certainly in all my years of trying to get a grant I have never succeeded so either I am bad at writing grant applications or my work is not up to par.

And I have a question- what product would you like to see me produce?:
hand dyed fabric
printed hand dyed cloth
one off hand printed pieces
books - technique/how to
books -work inspired by travels with travelogue
small quilts
large quilts
more on-line classes
anything else?

I also feel I need to  make a new product of sorts  but am not quite sure what. I have been looking on the internet but nothing inspires at the moment or others are doing it better.
Anyway i have been printing some more sentinelles on cotton and evolon.
 The first image is a sentinelle printed on hand dyed cotton and  the other is printed on evolon- it looks quite different and more velvety on the evolon- it will be the next sentinelle I hand stitch
These three sentinelles are destined to be the centre panel of a larger quilt which I hope to start tomorrow- it's been in the procrastination basket for too long but I am starting to run out of time so it has to be done!

When my friend Rahima Macdonald was here from Auckland we made some bunting- not quite sure where to hang it yet- this house is not very good for hanging anything let alone bunting!

And last but not least I have some teapot and rosewater jug squares for sale- I have photographed them together but they are four separate panels. They are hand printed onto lutradur and then machine stitched. Each panel measures approx 20 cm squares or 8 inches square. They are for sale for $45 AUS inclusive of postage. Plus remember I have quilts for sale- simply click on the little poppy panel at the top right of the blog to see what is available.

And I can finally share my travellers blanket I made in January- it was for a travelling exhibition entitled Beneath the Southern Skies ( there is a button in the side bar that will take you to the website and the gallery of all the work selected) It is called Traversing the Land.


Brenda said...

Thanks for adding the Beneath the Southern Sky buttonto you sidebar;-)

Penny said...

Oh I love the travellers blanket, I would love a piece of cloth like that to work on. My blanket is about to come out again to be worked on now that autumn is here, although if it gets hot in a hurry I may not do any work on it for a while.
Not sure what to suggest, cloth is probably a good one, I feel pretty broke too at the moment (the dairy industry is not a good one to be in) so cant really contemplate buying any thing which clouds ones judgement.

Dijanne Cevaal said...

Thanks for your comments Penny- and too many small businesses in Australia are struggling even those that produce the food that we eat - it almost seems like there are two worlds.

Annette said...

Congratulations on the blanket in the travelling exhibition, I'm looking forward to seeing it up here in Townsville later in the year. I love the sentinelles, maybe they could become fabric one of pieces? Not sure how to help, think we might all be in for a hard year,sorry.

Marian said...

Products I've bought from you, and would buy again: hand dyed fabric, technique books, classes.

Good luck with the business plan; they do tend to force a focus.

Sally Westcott said...

I am so honoured to be in the same exhibition as you! I fel very humbled! Your travellers blanket is just beautiful!

Hugz and love

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Very beautiful pieces!

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