Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Found Things

 I found this piece that I must have stuck away. I remember it was inspired by the key and keyholes of the wardrobe when I did the residency at Chateau de Chassy ten years ago- another adventure in France. I didn't finish it- maybe I will now that I have found it again.I really want to focus on work inspired by my travelling but first I have to make some work inspired by the theme Herbarium for Italia Invita in Cremona in Italy next year  in May as i am invited guest artist.

The big furniture does not arrive until next week so that makes getting any work done pretty difficult as I really have nowhere much to work.We did get a Christmas tree though despite the lack of furniture.It does look lonely but is also a bright spark in the corner. I am slowly getting more used to this place

This is another pomegranate piece that I made for our Atelier Printemps Sacre exhibition  at the end of Ocotber. it is for sale for $45 US inclusive of postage. We will be having another exhibition  in the second half of May next year.


Yael said...

I LOVE those pomegranates! Wonderful piece of fiber art!

Lynne Williams said...

Those who can travel to distant lands, can still inspire those of us who cannot through such work as this. Thanks for the inspiration. Your use of color and movement please me. What a gift.

Island Threads said...

hmm the keys piece looks very similar to the journal quilt I have of yours Dijanne ;o)

I hope you will soon be settled in your new home, can't believe you were in Europe a year it has just flown by,

take care, Frances

Anonymous said...

looks great, hope you are settled in Geelong. I am getting bounces from your e-mail address - wondering what you would like us to do about getting our "my place" pieces back? Would you send us all an e-mail so we know what is happening? Take care,

Debrina said...

Wow - look at the detail in those pomegranates! Incredible work. No wonder you have been invited to Italia Invita. Congratulations! Also, can't wait to see what you do with your older piece. V. exciting!!

PAMELA said...

Hi Dijanne, I enjoyed your lino-cutting on-line course. Something made me look at your blog this Christmas morning.....to see you are backin Oz. Hope you are settling back again & enjoy Christmas.
I am interested in purchasing your book Creation and... could you email cost to send it to Sydney? Thanks. Pamela P. www.craftyquilting.wordpress.com

Carol said...

I love your pomegranates too. Hope you had a wonderful time in Europe and I wish you a happy new year