Monday, August 16, 2010

In Australia it's Cold!

I finished this little bag a couple of days  before I left France for Australia.

Thank you everyone who sent condolence wishes, it is much appreciated.. I tried to reply to everyone personally but some I can't as the  reply is no reply.The funeral  was last friday and took a lot of organising, and also settling affairs it all takes time.

I have a really urgent request. A friend in Redcar, England carried the My Place quilts in her luggage to help me carry over so many things late last year. I haven't had a chance to visit her to pick up the quilts ( Redcar is in the north about an hour and  a bit from Leeds) I was supposed to have taught a workshop there tomorrow and pick up the quilts but because of circumstances i cannot do that. Is there anyone out there who could bring the quilts from Redcar to the Festival of Quilts where they can deliver them to a friend who will take them to Belgium for me? I know it is a long shot but i thought it worth asking.


Anonymous said...

I'm driving down from Aberdeen to FoQ but not going near Redcar, unfortunately. I don't know how heavy they are or how numerous, but if your friend could get them sent to me in Aberdeen by next-day delivery (Royal Mail or Parcel Force) I could take them with me. Alternatively, I'm staying on-site at the Hilton Metropole & if they could be sent there, I'd make sure they got to your Belgian friend (I'm helping out at the show from Weds. afternoon until Saturday evening). Your friend can get me directly on my Hotmail account ( If the quilts leave any time before last post today they will be with me by 1pm Tuesday.

Joei Rhode Island said...

So sorry for your loss Dijanne. Letting go is so difficult for us mortals. I wish you and yours peace.


I hopped upon your blog. Such lovely work! I will visit again:)

Catherine G 78 said...

Very sad you had to go back to your family for that reason.
My thought for you, your mother and you daughters.
Catherine G 78

(my first message did not arrived)

Ossayad said...

Hi Dijanne,

We saw some of your things at "La Fête du Fil" in Labastide-Rouairoux, how beautiful they all were, it's astounding, congratulations for the great job!!!


PS:posted some pictures in our blog.

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