Friday, February 02, 2007

Sense of Place Dinner Update!

Things are coming together for the Sense of Place Fundraising Dinner. There are still some places available but it looks as if it's going to be a good function with lots of fun and we now have a MC for the dinner,who is known to many people, Bev Brock. Bev is the author of "Peter Brock- Living with a Legend" but Bev's also known for her wholistic and organic approach to life.

There will also be an auction of an art to wear jacket by Robina Summers which Gail Blackwood will auction . Gail has been kindly provided by Morrison Kleeman Real Estate There is also a silent auction of a quilt by Olga Walters .There will also be a drawing of the raffle for a wrap I have made- see the picture!

Part of the reason doing this fundraising is the fact that whilst I have received sponsorship by way of a scholarship grant from Ozquilt Network Inc, a grant from the Nillumbik Tourism Association and in kind sponsorship from Samson Hill Winery and Upfront Pictures- the travelling of an exhibition takes quite a lot of money. Even though I organise things on a shoe string there are all sorts of incidental expenses to be met- an airfare is not simply the price you see quoted but comes with taxes and fuel surcharges- and for the Dubai to Damascus leg alone the tax and fuel surcharge was more than $550 ( actually it was more than the actual fare), there are visas ( which the Syrian Ambassador decided to grant gratis because i will be on hand in Damascus- so that was very kind)- there is insurance, then there is hotel accommodation in Damascus- a very modest hotel but even so 26 nights adds up, and as it is a requirement I be on hand and demonstrate ( it is part of the goodwill which I think is incredibly important)- then there is meals because much as i would like to lose a lot of weight, I can't not eat- and food in Syria is taken very seriously and is delicious and reasonable, but it does add up- there is getting from and to the airport, there is an overnight stay in Dubai which couldn't be ticketed any other way ( fortunately an old school friend of Collin's has come to the rescue there). Then there is the banner, the flyers and the posters, all of which need to be designed and printed, the phone calls to organise this , the meetings, the petrol of getting to and from Melbourne ( which is a 2-3 hour drive for me)

Anyway as you can see things start to tally up not only money wise, but also in counting on the goodwill of many people who do not directly benefit from the exhibition. It is my constant complaint that there is little avenue for an independent curator to get governmental funding ( from Arts Council etc as they will fund individual art work/artists or an incorporated asscoiations exhibition but not an independent curator) In a way it really irritates me as the exhibitions I have curated showcase both Australia and its artists in the best possible way .
So i have to take the avenue of private fund raising so I hope those of you who can attend will be supportive in this regard. There will be surprises during the evening, and it will all in the spirit of fun with a two course dinner giving hints of middle eastern food and a door prize. The fundraising dinner wil be $45 a head which i think is very reasonable.


Joyce said...

Good luck with your fundraising. I know how expensive travel can be. It always costs more than it would appear when you first see the prices.

Anonymous said...

Hi dijanne

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Shirley Goodwin said...

Good luck with the fundraising, Dijanne. You have a huge task but clearly you're sorting it.